30 Day Music Challenge: Day 5

A song that needs to be played loud.

I’ve spent a bunch of time thinking about this. There are so many. “Jump In the Fire” by Metallica comes to mind. Okay, just about anything by Metallica – the new stuff is just raging. WASP. But I keep coming back to Motorhead. Motorhead is the epitome to me of what LOUD music should be. The only real question is WHICH Motorhead tune to name. “Orgasmatron,” “Ace of Spades,” “Killed by Death,” “The Chase is Better than the Catch…”

I’m sure I could name 15 more.
But there can be only one.

Wisdom of Crowds picks:

Guerrilla Radio” Rage Against the Machine

Chop Suey” System of a Down

Cowboys” Portishead

Bodies” Drowning Pool

Dropping Plates” Disturbed

Beautiful People” Marilyn Manson


Bad Habit” The Offspring

Glad” Traffic

Vivaldi’s “Summer” Third Movement

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” The Police

Thunderstruck” AC/DC

Magic Power” Triumph

Morning Has Broken” Cat Stevens

Shapes of Things” Gary Moore

Heard It In a Love Song” Marshall Tucker Band

Jessica” Allman Brothers Band

Sweet Melissa” Allman Brothers Band

“Ramblin Man” Allman Brothers Band

Mother Popcorn” James Brown


Author: Mo

I consider myself a bit of a loner. I tend to think of myself as a one-man wolf pack. I like old school sneakers, baggy jeans, and oversized sweatshirts. I believe there is no such thing as a short sleeve dress shirt. I like neckties. I do not understand camping, car racing, or algebra – but I can camp and have been known to go a little faster than the speed limit. I have NEVER been known to do a quadratic equation.

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